How to Crush ALL Your B2B Marketing Strategies with a B2B Podcast - With Kap Chatfield

A video podcast is the solution to ALL your B2B marketing woes. Here’s why. oncoming fist 
A video podcast creates avenues of marketing that would otherwise require more work, resources and time. In this episode Kap breaks down the marketing strategies impacted by a video podcast: 
gem stone ABM (account-based marketing)
gem stone Content marketing
gem stone Email campaigns
gem stone SEO
gem stone Paid media
gem stone Influencer marketing
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Main Takeaways:
gem stone A video podcast can impact most B2B marketing strategies
gem stone Use your video podcast to create higher engagement
gem stone Optimize your time and resources with a video podcast marketing solution
gem stone Learn how to build your audience persona with a video podcast
gem stone Become a thought leader through your B2B video podcast
alarm clock 00:00-4:11 | Which marketing strategies can utilize a video podcast? 
alarm clock 4:11-8:06 | Account based marketing with a video podcast
alarm clock 8:06-11:06 | How a video podcast can enhance your content creation
alarm clock 11:06-12:45 | Maximize your email marketing with a video podcast
alarm clock 12:45-14:11 | How your SEO can be impacted
alarm clock 14:11-16:32 | A video podcast can help with your paid media marketing
alarm clock 16:32-19:06 | Use a video podcast to strengthen your influencer marketing
speech balloon β€œAccount based marketing takes broadcasting and puts it into a narrow focus by taking a very targeted message and speaking that message to a very select group of people.” - Kap Chatfield
speech balloon β€œIn account-based marketing you really need to be thinking about who is that ideal person that will benefit from our product or from our service?. β€œ - Kap Chatfield
speech balloon β€œA video podcast allows you to build an audience and craft a narrative that allows you to speak to a very specific audience persona.” - Kap Chatfield
speech balloon β€œWhat you want to do is build a relationship with your audience and provide content of value to them. β€œ - Kap Chatfield
speech balloon β€œFind people to bring on your show that would be a huge win for your audience.β€œ - Kap Chatfield
speech balloon β€œCreate content that allows people to be educated about a specific topic, so that they become better business leaders and can associate that knowledge with who you are as the thought leader and gatekeeper of that expertise.β€œ - Kap Chatfield
speech balloon β€œA video podcast is where you can start talking about a specific topic or point of view for your industry that's unique to you, that sets you apart, that gives you a competitive advantage.β€œ - Kap Chatfield
speech balloon β€œMake sure that you are finding a way to bring value in the inbox more than just asking for someone to whip out their wallet and purchase your product. A video podcast allows you to step up your email marketing game with every episode.β€œ - Kap Chatfield
speech balloon β€œA video podcast for your business is an amazing way for you to scale your marketing strategy, scale your visibility, build your brand, and drive revenue for your B2B company.” - Kap Chatfield
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Full transcription:

Kap Chatfield  00:20

Hey, today on B2B Podcasting, we're gonna be talking about how you can crush all of the marketing strategies you need to, for your business to business brand. My name is Kap Chatfield, I'm the host of B2B Podcasting. I'm also the CEO of Rveal Media, we help businesses drive revenue through content. Today, we're gonna be talking about how you can knock all of those birds with one stone, all of those marketing strategy birds in the air, with one stone with a single marketing initiative, and we're gonna talk about what that is in a little bit. But the reason we want to talk about this is because marketing strategy, digital marketing strategy, there's so many different ways that you can do it. There's so many different options, and a lot of business owners are wondering which one do we double down on? Which one do we focus on? Which one's going to be the most effective for our audience? And I can understand why that'd be really challenging. In fact, that's why a lot, most b2b brands that don't have a strategy are just failing in marketing completely, because they don't have a plan of attack to be efficient and effective with their dollars, and to make sure that it's providing the greatest return on investment. And so I want you to know that we're going to talk about those different strategies. And specifically, I want to talk about how this one marketing initiative is going to help you knock out all those strategies, or at least build a foundational framework that can allow you to build upon on each of those strategies so that you can reach your audience and grow your business. And that marketing initiative, as you probably would have guessed, is a video podcast. So we're going to talk today about how a video podcast is going to allow you to knock out all of the marketing strategies, or at least a good number of the digital marketing strategies that will matter for your business to business brand. 


Kap Chatfield  02:02

The first type of marketing strategy is called account based marketing, or ABM. The second is called content marketing. The third is called email marketing. I'm sure you're familiar with that. Number four, search engine optimization, or SEO, paid media is after that. And then finally, influencer marketing, that's going to be the last one that we cover. So let's start number one, account based marketing. What is it? Account based marketing, as simple as this, it's taking, it's kind of flipping the marketing model on its head that we're all pretty familiar with, with like TV and radio ads, where it's about broadcasting a message to a wide audience and hoping that within that large audience, there's going to be people that represent your ideal customer profile, your ICP, who will then want to come back and do business with you, they'll seek you out. What account based marketing does is it takes broadcasting and puts it into a narrow focus. So it's more like narrow casting. It's about taking a very targeted message and speaking that message to a very select group of people. So for example, instead of broadcasting your SaaS products, message or commercial all over TV so that it hits everybody, even though you know that your product is really going to only be valuable to a specific job title and a specific industry, that's probably not the right way to do it. What you're gonna need to start thinking about is account based marketing, really thinking about who is that ideal person that will benefit from our product from our service? And it's this person from this job title of a company of this size, in this specific industry, perhaps even in this area of the country, or the world. And so it's getting laser focused on who that audience is, and creating a marketing strategy to reach that person to make sure Hey, maybe you're not reaching a ton of people. But you're increasing your likelihood that when the person actually sees, though fewer people might see your message, when that person actually sees their message, they're going to be way more qualified to actually be a customer of yours, which ultimately is going to be way more effective and way more efficient for your marketing strategy. 


Kap Chatfield  04:11

So how does the video podcast help with your account based marketing? One thing that we talk about all the time is that a video podcast allows you to build an audience rather than broadcast a message to a ton of future customers or potential customers or people that you hope would would be your customer. What a show does, a video podcast, it allows you to craft a narrative that allows you to speak to a very specific audience persona. Ideally, an audience persona that represents or is similar to or is exactly what you would hope someone, someone would be that was actually going to buy from you, the person that you think would be most interested in the product that you sell. So when you create a show, with that specific person in mind, and you create the message around, hey, what would why would that person want to buy our product? Or why would they need to buy our product? What problem would we solve for them? Or what are they ultimately after? Maybe you're serving business leaders, simple as that. And they, they want to be more effective at at communicating to their team, be more compelling in their communication, and you sell a service to help coach them to become a better communicator. So maybe what you're focusing on is okay, at what size company are those people going to be that are going to buy my services? That are going to take my coaching course? Or do one on one coaching? Okay, I'm going to be speaking to those specific people, that's my audience. What do they care about? They care about boosting team morale, they care about growing their company, increasing revenue for their company. They care about just being a more effective leader in general. So maybe your content is very spoke very specifically focused on communication. Or maybe it's about leadership development in general. Whatever it is, it's about providing value to that specific customer, that specific audience. Because that's going to be the audience that ends up wanting to do business for you. That is a very simple way to begin doing account based marketing. Another way you can think about doing account based marketing is inviting people to be guests on your show, that are specifically of companies that you want to be doing business with. So there's a tension here, I want to kind of give that caveat, if you're going to invite someone on your show that you hope to do business with number one, make sure that they would be a genuinely good fit for your audience. Make sure that your audience would actually gain a lot of value from hearing what they'd have to say. Because if it if there is that disconnect, and it's clearly just a sales pitch to the person you have on your show, then nobody's gonna win, it's just gonna look really bad for you. And the second thing that I would say is really, really avoid the temptation of trying to sell the business person or the the guests on your show, avoid trying to sell them at all costs. What you want to do is build a relationship with them, you want to provide something of value to them. So you give them a platform, give them some opportunity to share about their own expertise, give them the content back that allows their team to market that content and, and position this person as a thought leader. And that relationship is going to help you in the long run, because now they're associating that good experience with you and with your brand. And they're probably going to become more familiar about who you are and what you do because of that relationship. So if it was meant to be, odds are it's going to lead to business down the road. But don't push it because if you burn that bridge by trying to sell them too quickly, it just looks like man, did you get me on this show, just so you could sell me your product? You want to avoid that all costs. Find people to bring on your show, that would be a huge win for your audience. And you're just thinking, hey, in a perfect world, I like working with people that I like, I want to bring this person on my show because I like him, I like like her and I like their organization. And I hope that this leads to a relationship that might lead to us to doing business down the road. I think that's such a, an appropriate way of approaching it. So not presumptuous at all, and is very grace giving. And it's, it just creates an opportunity for the ultimate win win for everybody. So video podcast helps you with your account based marketing. It's the first type of strategy. 


Kap Chatfield  08:06

The second type of marketing strategy for business to business brands, we're going to talk about that a video podcast can help you crush is content marketing. We said this in another episode, but content marketing, what is that? Basically, it's about creating content, whether it's a written form, video form, audio form, design form, visual form, experience form, that allows people to be educated about a specific topic, so that they become better business leaders in whatever industry they're in, and so that they can associate that knowledge with who you are. That you're the thought leader, you're the gatekeeper of that expertise. A video podcast is a great way to be able to do that, because every episode is a mine of content. 20 to 45 minutes per episode, or even more of you going deep into specific expertise. And this allows you to create an accelerated amount of content that can benefit that audience. So content marketing, video podcast, it's such a no brainer, every episode. Here's another thing, it's interesting about this form of content marketing, I don't think there's a single medium, a single type of content creation out there that can hold an audience's attention for as long as an episode can from your podcast. Now, if somebody who does not fit your ICP, is listening that podcast, and they're not interested and they go away, that's probably a good thing. So you feel like Oh, man, well, they don't, this person probably won't want to listen to a 25 minute episode because I don't care about my expertise, or what I have to say about that's really it that we have to say that's in relation to my product. That's a good thing. Because now what you're doing is you're disqualifying anybody that wouldn't fit your ideal customer profile and you're keeping it around an audience or keeping it for an audience that really does fit your ideal customer profile. So extremely important to think about that as well, that it's going to help you refine who that audience is. Now, here's something I want to share: though because content marketing can be it can be very very vanilla, it can be it can come off like, man, did you have any valuable insight to bring the table besides just copying with all these other b2b marketers are putting out there? Because a lot of b2b blogs kind of feel like that. You see these ultimate b2b strategies, ultimate b2b marketing checklists. And they all are kind of saying the same thing. And so what I would recommend is with a video podcast, you can do this. You can get strategic with, you know, looking at content that people are actually searching for, we'll get to SEO in a little bit. But this is an opportunity for you to go deep into some thought leadership. This is where you can start talking about a specific topic or point of view for your industry or organization that's unique to you, that sets you apart, that gives you a competitive advantage. And that's going to be what makes people want to do business with you moving forward. So don't be copying what everybody else is doing. Be thinking about how can I use a video podcast to do content marketing in a way that provides a unique value to my audience and to my industry? So that's the second type of marketing strategy, the video podcast can help you crush. 

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Kap Chatfield  11:06

The third type, email marketing. A lot of people get kind of wrapped up with, Okay, what do we do for our nurture email campaign? Which is basically, you know, an emails group email list is so great, because you have a, you have access to that audience all the time versus with social media, you're kind of subject to the algorithms. But the inbox, man, you can, you can make sure that you get up close to 100% delivery rate on all of the messages that you send to your audience via email. The question is, what type of valuable content are you going to put in those emails so they don't feel like they're being spammed all the time, with just promotional offers? Nothing wrong with promotional offers. But what I'm saying is, make sure that you are finding a way to bring value in the inbox more than just asking for someone to whip out their wallet and purchase your product. So a video podcast allows you to really step up your email marketing game in this regard, with every episode. Let's say you create a blog on your website, like you you know, for content marketing. You do an episode, you transcribe the the episode, you put all of that that full episode, the transcription in a blog post, then what you can do is you can do a weekly, let's say your episodes are weekly, you can do a weekly email newsletter letting people know about the new episode that's up on your website. You can include a quote, in the in the actual email. You can include a quote, graphic. There's a lot of ways that you can enrich that email with a lot of really good content so that you're building that rapport with your audience in the inbox, and it all stems from the video podcast. So video podcast can be critical for you in your email marketing strategy. 


Kap Chatfield  12:45

The fourth strategy we're going to talk about is search engine optimization. Now, this is where back to the content marketing thing, this is where we get a lot of the keyword soup-nes of just packing an article with so many keywords hoping to rank on Google for certain topics. And this is what keeps the content from becoming really valuable, right? Is when you're only thinking about SEO. But SEO is actually a really important thing to be thinking about when you're doing your video podcast, because what you can do is look up specific keywords that there there isn't a lot of competition around. Keywords, obviously, that are relevant to your brand, and to your product. And you can use that as kind of like basically a guide for how to craft your next few episodes. Because if you're seeing, hey, there's a huge whitespace in my industry around this specific topic, and I can take this topic, I can put a fresh spin on it, I can bring some creative perspective, that's gonna be a great way for you to A, provide value to your audience and not make it feel cheap and not make it feel vanilla or just something that they would have pulled from anybody else. And it allows you to try to position that content the best way possible for it to rank not just in the Spotify algorithm, not just in the YouTube algorithm, but even on Google, which can be really beneficial for your business. So your search engine optimization strategy can revolve around this video podcast content machine. Okay. 


Kap Chatfield  14:11

What are we at? We're at number five. The fifth type of marketing strategy that a video podcast can help you crush for your business to business brand, is paid media. We've said this on previous episodes too. When you're creating paid media, sometimes when it comes off too much as a commercial, especially for b2b brands, people are just I don't know what's up but like, we just kind of have this like this ad meter that's like, bah bah, bah, bah, bah, when we see an ad, we just know it's an ad and we scroll right past it. Because it's interrupting the flow of what we're consuming already. We already know that it's trying to get to try to sell us something. And so we just we don't even want to waste brain calories trying to consume it and navigate that sale. But when you are repurposing content from a video podcast and taking those little clips, and you're running those clips as ads, or you're running those graphics as ads. And the point of it is to communicate, value, communicate value, provide value to a new audience, expanding your audience, targeting those ads, at people who aren't currently your audience, but you know that they would fit your audience and getting that content out further in front of them. That's a great way to build a brand. And it's a great way to make sure that the people that are receiving that they don't feel like it's an ad right away. So their guard actually goes down, they see that content, they consume it, and they, a lot of times, they won't even know that they just watched an ad. Because it felt like, Hey, here's a snippet from an episode of a podcast. Maybe they won't buy right away, but what you're doing is expanding your audience, building your brand. And it's people aren't shutting off their attention to that content, because it was packaged in a way that appears like it's, it's providing value rather than asking for a sale. Another thing I'll say is, for Google ads, this is also what's really interesting. So back to the blog element: when you're creating a podcast episode, you're you can have the intention of turning that into a blog post, you can run Google ads on those blog posts, depending on what people are searching for. And when people go to your website, one of the main things on your website is going to be a call to action button, that's going to be how they end up doing business with you. So this becomes a really great strategy to develop content that you can run paid media Google campaigns on so that more traffic comes to your website. 


Kap Chatfield  16:32

Okay, the final marketing strategy that we're going to talk about is influencer marketing. And this kind of comes back to the invitation out element of bringing guests onto your show. So influencer marketing, it's, it's another very critical way to develop a brand and to build an audience online so that you can continue to grow your b2b brand. And so you can invite people on your show that already have their own audiences. Maybe it's maybe it's not even somebody that you would sell to, but because you're associating yourself with them, people are gonna see you next to that person on the show, or next to a series of influencers, every episode, and they're going to associate you to be at that caliber caliber of thought leadership or influence and it is going to help you market your brand further. In that regard, you can also create some sort of contract or agreement with the influencer so that you can mass distribute that content, do paid media so now it's reaching even more people and you're associating your face with their face, your thought leadership with their thought leadership. And or you can also do a deal where perhaps you are putting the content on their page and having them share it from their own from their own platform so that they can reach their audience in a greater way, as well. 


Kap Chatfield  17:45

So look at that, I mean, six different critical digital marketing strategies, account based marketing, content marketing, email marketing, search, engine optimization, marketing, paid media and influencer marketing. I didn't even include social media marketing in there because we could have done that as well. Because you cut up all the content, throw all of your your social media clips onto LinkedIn, onto Facebook, onto Twitter, and now you're building your audience with that one marketing initiative, that video podcasts across the board. So I'm telling you, if you haven't started doing a video podcast for your business yet you can be thinking about that because it's such an amazing way for you to scale your marketing strategy, to scale your visibility, to build your brand, and to drive revenue for your business to business company. So that's it for today. I hope that was helpful as we answered the question about marketing strategies for business to business brands. How can you knock all of them out with one stone? Specifically a video podcast? Hope that was helpful. Thanks so much for listening again, guys. We will see you in the next episode of B2B Podcasting.

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