Help Your Sales Team Win With Demand Generation

Cold outbound sales aren't dead.

But here's a simple way to set your SDRs up for success.

Deploy a demand generation strategy to educate the market (specifically, your target accounts) on who you are and why they should do business with you.

The goal of this is NOT to sell yourself through content.

It's to demonstrate these two things:

✅ You understand your customer
✅ You have the competency to solve their problem

Here are three practical tips for how you can deploy a demand gen strategy:

1️⃣ Start a video podcast where a subject matter expert on your team is the host

This is the most effective strategy for creating deep, meaningful content while also being able to scale its distribution in the form of micro-content.

2️⃣ Incentivize your employees to build personal brands.

If your brand is championing the main narrative for your audience, think of your employees as the ones who champion the sub-plots.

This not only helps your company create more content, but it also helps show the versatility of the thinking in your organization.

3️⃣ Run T.O.F. content as LinkedIn ads

It's time to think of paid media differently.

Don't just run ads on LinkedIn to book demos.

Also, think about running simultaneous campaigns strictly for brand awareness.

The key is to leverage paid media to simply get your thought leadership directly in front of the audiences you want to do business with.

All of these tactics together will help your SDRs when they reach out to your target accounts cold.


Because your content will have already warmed them up.


Happy thinking,

Kap (CEO at Rveal Media)


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