The Content Solar System (inspired by Jonathan Stark)

The B2B content solar system - with Kap Chatfield

Ever get stuck trying to figure out what your next piece of content should be about?

Try creating a "content solar system" for your business.

The process is simple:

☀️ 1. Define your SUN

This is the big idea that strings all of your content together. It's the vision that you want to be known for in your industry.

For example, for us at Rveal Media, it would be that every business should begin thinking of itself as a media company.

🪐 2. Define your PLANETS

These planets are 3-9 topics that will revolve around your sun (your big idea).

For us, that could be:

🌎 How to create content at scale
🌍 How to measure success with your content
🌏 How to monetize your videos

🌗 3. Define your MOONS

These are the even more narrow sub-topics that revolve around some (not necessarily all) of your planets.

Example: The moons that revolve around our "how to measure success" planet could be:

🌙 How to maximize your view-through-rate
🌕 How to not overthink ROI on content

Drawing this out will help give you a ton of clarity about what ideas are "in-bounds" when it comes to your content creation.

And what's amazing is, when you put this solar system down on paper, you'll discover that it creates an ENDLESS amount of possibilities for what to create next.

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