The Ultimate Home Video Podcast Studio Setup


The results are in, and remote work is here to stay. eyes
First impressions are important, and presentation is everything. Communicating your vision through your phone or laptop may get you through in a pinch, but it doesn’t communicate professionalism or expertise to your audience. 
Which means that your temporary, makeshift, at-home office is worth sprucing up a bit. winking face
It’s time to switch your mindset from thinking your home studio is just a temporary solution to the pandemic, to recognizing it’s time to transform your business into a media company. 
In the latest episode of B2B Podcasting, host Kap Chatfield gives us a tour of his home studio—along with a complete list of all the gear he uses to achieve an attractive, clean and professional look. 
If your digital office is beneath the standard of your company—this is an episode you don’t want to miss.  hundred points
Check out the list below to see a full breakdown of everything you need to build your at home studio. down arrow
Main Takeaways:
gem stone Investing in your home studio communicates professionalism and expertise 
gem stone Your computer is the brain of your home production studio 
gem stone Software is necessary to create an exceptional product 
gem stone For graphics—keynote when using Mac, PowerPoint when using Windows 
gem stone Transcriptions—use and Happy Scribe 
gem stone Cameras—quality costs, but less expensive options get the job done
gem stone Lighting—underrated but it makes all the difference 
gem stone Audio—you can get professional level audio without breaking the bank 
gem stone Accessories
alarm clock 00:00-09:56 | Computers, Software & Graphics 
alarm clock 09:57-18:57 | Transcriptions & Cameras
alarm clock 18:58-23:53 | Lighting & Audio
alarm clock 23:54-End | Accessories that add to the visual experience 

My Setup

  1. Computer
  2. Software
  3. Cameras
  4. Lighting
  5. Audio
  6. Accessories



MacBook Pro - M1 Max


Riverside - $8/mo (starting)

Click here to sign up

Final Cut Pro X

Keynote - Free (starting)

HappyScribe (subtitles)



Sony A73 - $2,000

50mm lens - $250

4K CamLink - $110

Micro HDMI to HDMI cable - $10

Heavy duty tripod - $126

Teleprompter (w/o display) - $169



LED Lighting with diffuser boxes - $280

(Raise above and put at an angle)

LED bar lights - $117

Ambitful LED hair light - $75

Tripod for hair light - $15



Rodecaster - $600

Rode PodMic - $92

Gatorworks microphone arm - $130

Microphone screen - $13


Rode Podmic - $100


Rodecaster - $600



Green screen

USB multi-port


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