What content data is most important: quantitative or qualitative?





You need to measure the value of your content strategy.

But the value of your content strategy isn't always neatly told to you by a piece of software that throws a ton of data into a chart.

I have a story to explain how you might need to start looking at this.

I went to the doctor with my wife this past week, and I noticed something really interesting about our visit.

Before the doctor did any lab testing with us, she asked my wife a ton of questions regarding her health, all of which required my wife to share personal stories/experiences.

This took place for several minutes.

The doctor filled up at least 3 pages of her legal pad with notes.

She probed and asked deeper questions with every experience and story my wife shared.

Then, she took some tests and looked at some quantitative data to give a proper report on my wife's health.

You might notice a pattern with a lot of other professionals that perform a diagnostic like this.

This blend of quantitative and qualitative data.

I can imagine that as valuable as getting the quantitative data of those lab tests would be for that doctor, she wouldn't have been able to properly interpret them without the qualitative data.

Without hearing these micro-stories from my wife, she could've misread how the quantitative data would have informed the report.

And that's why it's just as important to create a system for measuring the qualitative value of your content as it is for the quantitative.

The key to this lies in asking your customers, your prospects, and even your teammates the right questions about how effective your content actually is.

I talk about it more in this 3min video. You can click here to watch it.

And I recommend you do before potentially killing a content strategy you're deploying that might've just not been given enough time to take root...


- Kap

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