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Rveal Media presents B2B Podcasting, a new show dedicated to helping B2B brands start and run shows that build audiences, drive revenue, and transform industries.

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Kap Chatfield, host of B2B Podcasting and CEO of Rveal Media, is a self-claimed "filmmaker first, marketer second." Having directed two feature-length documentaries and dozens (if not hundreds) of short films and videos, Kap brings the perspective that you don't need to sacrifice quality of content for scalability.

In this show, Kap interviews thought leaders across various industries who are utilizing what he calls the Show Marketing Model to develop/demonstrate their expertise at scale while also quantitatively growing their businesses.


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3 Ways to Measure the Success of Your Video Podcast - with Kap Chatfield

We talk to many founders and B2B CEOs who want to do a video podcast to grow their company, and their first question is “what’s the ROI?”.
It’s a valid question! Podcasting is a long game, with a a considerable amount of invested time and resource, so you want to be sure it’s actually moving the needle for your organization.
In this article, learn the 3 categories of metrics you should be looking at quarterly to measure the success of your video podcast.

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B2B Podcasting

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