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B2B Podcasting

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B2B Podcasting

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Show Marketing: What is it, and why is it the future of B2B marketing?

We’ve all had the experience of being on the receiving end of pushy marketing efforts, and it can make you feel like running in the opposite direction—even if you were interested in the product/service. People don’t like being sold to, because it makes them feel like they have to play defense.


As a consumer, can you relate?


But from a marketers perspective, that tendency puts your business in a real bind. You know strictly sales-oriented marketing can push your audience away, but you can’t do nothing. Marketing is a critical piece of a successful company.


In this article, we’ll dive in to a new strategy that solves the problem for both consumers and companies: Show Marketing. But first, we’ll cover the problems that it solves, specifically for B2B businesses.


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